Crocker Range National Park by Herman (March 2003)

Short: The Crocker Range National Park (CRNP) can be reached within 20 minutes from Kota Kinabalu and was established in 1984. It covers an area of 1399 km˛ or about 1.9% of Sabah's land mass, Sabah's largest national park. It has various climate zones and habitats and is home to five Borneo primate species, amongst them the orang utan.


Jungle Trekking - The Real Thing...

The Crocker Range National Park is Sabah's largest national park and already in 1968 the area was set aside as a forest reserve, before finally being classified a national park in 1984. Starting in the north, with Mt Kinabalu, the Crocker Range is Sabah's 'backbone' and continues right down to the south of Borneo, albeit under different names. This mountainous, almost inaccessible park is one of Sabah's most important water catchment areas and ensures pure water for Kota Kinabalu and surrounding towns. It receives an annual mean of rainfall between 3-4 m and the rivers flowing out of the park provide about a third of Sabah's population with drinking water! One of the many rivers, the Padas River, bisects the park between Tenom and Beaufort.

There is virtually no tourism infrastructure in this national park, which makes it a favourite amongst those who wish to experience the tropical rainforest and go for hard core jungle trekking. It is also a great place to meet indigenous Dusun people. Those living along the Ulu Papar River, in a deep cleft surrounded by the CRNP, maintain an age old life style and are nearly self sufficient. Many only go to the tamu in Donggongon once a month to sell mainly tobacco, and with the money they earn they buy goods their otherwise self-sufficient life style cannot provide: toothpaste, salt, coffee...

The CRNP is rich in flora & fauna, but alas, the jungle is not the African bush and animals are extremely difficult to spot. With lots of patience, and equally lots of luck, one can find here at least five species of primates: orang utans, gibbons, tarsiers, slow lories and long and pig tailed macaques. Then there are civet cats and even Borneo's largest cat, the clouded leopard (Neofelis nebulosa), bears, bear cats, Borneo's giant squirrel and the ubiquitous Prevost squirrel with its characteristic, shiny black coat and red belly, wild boars and many bird and pheasant species.

How to Get to the Crocker Range National Park & Accommodation

Bus, van, taxi, tour operator, the closest 'entrance' is only 20 minutes from KK; there is no accommodation within the park other than homestay.

Hard Core Jungle Trekking

Maybe you are astonished that there is so little information on the CRNP on our site. Well, maybe it is that we'd rather show you the park from inside! The Flying Dusun Sdn Bhd specialises in jungle trekking and homestay, and the Crocker Range is one of our favourite places. Here you cannot only experience the jungle (and the hardship trekking through it), but you can also mingle with the locals and get a pristine insight into their not always easy, but certainly laid back life.

Trail Map

Trekking in the Crocker Range

One of the many wild ginger types

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