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Welcome to the web pages of the Flying Dusun Sdn Bhd. This website has three main sections: Discover, Experience, and Taste. Please read on to know what you will find in each section. By clicking on the respective links you will be taken to the details. 

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Experience Sabah Discover Sabah

Experience - the Flying Dusun Sdn Bhd offers traditional cultural dances and performances. You are planning a wedding and don't know where to get those gong-players from? You want to entertain your family and friends with local dances? Have a look at what we offer and contact us for more discussions.

Discover - discover Sabah with the Flying Dusun Sdn Bhd! In this section you will find some general information about Sabah, its history, and its natural and cultural heritage, plus our suggestions for exclusive expeditions and tours - really bridges between cultures! Let yourself be inspired and contact us to-day for an unforgettable holiday in Sabah! 

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Taste - Sabah has its very own rice wine, called "Lihing." The Flying Dusun Sdn Bhd is the sole producer of the exclusive Headhunter's Lihing (rice wine), which is sold in a few select souvenir boutiques and some major hotels in Sabah. We also produce lihing for the local market. Have a look at how lihing is made and peek into our production rooms, or inspire yourself with some of our lihing cocktails and other recipes in that section.

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Check out our features and write ups regularly. Here you find more information on all things cultural in Sabah, because the Flying Dusun Sdn Bhd is primarily concerned with the studies and conservation of Sabah's rich cultural heritage.

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