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Klias Fireflies

Tour code: FD002

Activities Duration
River Safari - leisure full day (2pm-9pm) with dinner
Rates - 4 or more participants Rates - 2 or 3 participants
RM 288 per person RM 328 per person

This is our most 'touristy' tour offer and seemingly not consistent with our tour philosophy... but things change: in 2000 the Klias Wetlands were virtually unknown as a tourism destination and even locals knew little about their huge biodiversity and nature/culture conservation potential. Borneo's most curious monkey, the endemic Proboscis was very much in danger, together with the rest of Klias flora & fauna. Making the wetlands' uniqueness 'famous' was a first step towards their permanent conservation! 


1400 hrs - pick up from your hotel in Kota Kinabalu. We will head for Beaufort along the coastal road with its fishermen villages on one side, and rice fields on the other. After Beaufort we enter the Klias Wetlands, which have only recently been discovered in a more scientific way. It was found that the floodplain contains a high density of typical Borneo coastal flora & fauna, amongst others Proboscis monkeys which exist only in Borneo. After some refreshments in Kota Klias you are taken on a mangrove cruise. This is a very special environment and extremely important in the general ecosystem of our planet. Not only do the mangroves provide spawning grounds for countless species of fish – the base protein for the majority of the world’s population – but they also function as important buffer zones preventing erosion, floods, filtering water and much more. The water in the mangrove rivers is clear but deep dark and in places heavy with tannins. Here we find aquatic animals that can live in both, sea and freshwater, such as the estuarine crocodile. While it is more difficult to spot crocodiles you will certainly see Proboscis monkeys. In the late afternoon those unique creatures with their white ‘trousers’ and golden-brown ‘overcoat’ – and the male is further characterised by a huge nose and a ‘pot-belly’ – come to the banks of the rivers where they sleep in trees, safe from predators. When the sun has set it will be time for you to turn back. Look out along the banks for trees that light up with a myriad of tiny little lamps: these are fire flies, and the sight never fails to amaze! Back at the jetty you will be treated to a sumptuous local dinner. The wetlands are inhabited by Bisaya and Brunei Malays with their very own and succulent cuisine inspired by the proximity of the sea. After dinner we will head back for Kota Kinabalu where you should arrive between 9 and 10 pm.

Meals: high-tea, dinner

Please note: Dinner consists of seafood, fish and chicken, local vegetables; if you cannot take seafood or if you have other dietary requirements please let us know we can always arrange something if we are notified in advance!

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The famous Proboscis Monkey - endemic to Borneo

Local fishermen in the mangroves


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